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About the Blog..

Since I first started Agata Bakery Oy in 2015, I have been searching, developing, inventing  and exploring the vast world of baking; and especially doing it gluten free.

Baking and preparing food in general has been a great pleasure, inspiration and therapy as well as an endless road of learning.

While touring around the world for a decade with rock bands as a singer and a dander I learned a lot about about food. And as a vegetarian, about how difficult this diet was to comprehend back then. I could write a book - and maybe I will !

While planning events for customers and doing work as a singer on stages and studios, it was a soothing and calming to bake a cake or a pie or prepare a dinner for friends or family.

I started to bake cakes for friend's special occasions, and when the first diagnosis of celiac were discovered among them, I changed all the cakes and other treats I made into gluten free versions. At the same time I found an endless interest in developing better recipes for gluten free bread.

I had the Agata Bakery&Cafe, on Annankatu, in downton Helsinki. The A1 flour mix was the key to the Agata's cinnamon buns and many other favourites in the cafe.

I eventually had to close it  down , because it's kitchen was just too tiny. Since then I have been developing recipes and building my own concept of gluten free bakery - I will get back to that !

So here are the pages where I can share my recipes and ideas for gluten free baking and cooking with You!

Welcome  :)

Tiina, Pink


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